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Thank you all for visiting Macey's blog. This page is intended to give family and friends the latest updates on Macey. We look forward to everyone's comments and support and also your patience as we will add any updates as we receive them and are able to post them. There has been an overwhelming amount of support and love for Macey and we want all of you to know that we love you too and are thankful to have such great family and friends. Please keep all comments positive and know that our "Miracle Moo" has only one acceptable outcome. Complete and full recovery. Our family will accept nothing less. There will be t-shirts, window stickers and other items available to help support Macey's road to wellness. These items ARE NOT for profit. Only to show the love and support that Macey needs. Thank you all!

Monday, September 5, 2011

An Eventful Day

Never got a chance to post anything yesterday because quite honestly it was a pretty busy day.  We had Macey's radiation appointment in the morning, plus it was Alyssa's birthday.  Aunt Amber came over again and her and Angie went shopping for the girls.  The radiation appointment was quick and easy and thankfully this time Macey didn't get a headache afterwards.  She took a pain killer right before so we think that helped to offset any pain she might have experienced.  Little Sister Kylah has been a big help and has stayed with us most of the time and wanting to be with Macey at the radiation appointments.  She also likes pushing Macey in the wheelchair.  Macey can walk but it's difficult for her right now because of the weakness in her right side caused by the tumor.  The doctors said too that it might get a little worse before it gets better because the radiation will cause swelling which could increase the pressure on the already vulnerable area in her head.  She did good through most of the night but always dreads the cocktail of pills she has to take before bedtime.  Macey used to have a fear of taking pills but recently has become quite the pro at it.  Not like she has a choice.  We have been taking turns sleeping with her so she isn't alone.  She likes to lay on the couch and watch TV until she falls asleep. 

During the latter part of the day we all celebrated Alyssa's 21st birthday.  It was a great time and we had the whole family plus Maranda's boyfriend Zack over plus Camden who now is officially Alyssa's fiance.  It was a really cute evening when Camden put together an elaborate way to ask Alyssa's hand in marriage.  They've been together 4 years now so it's long overdue.  He played their first song and they slow danced out on the deck.  After the song he knelt, pulled out the ring and asked if she would marry him.  The whole family was very emotional and our little Macey Moo cried too.  I held her as Camden proposed and she sobbed right along with the rest of us.  It was a very special evening for everyone.  All I could think of besides giving away one of my daughters in the distant future was a wish that Macey had a good guy that loved her and was beside her through this ordeal.  Macey has so much to give and her sweet personality would be a gift for anyone worthy enough to receive it.  For now, we'll work on getting her better and give her all the love a family can give. 

A special thanks to everyone who has been so thoughtful and so helpful.  Even the tiniest things, a short email, a phone call, a post on facebook etc, expressing your love and support for Macey not only helps her, but gives the family the needed fuel to strengthen our wills and encourage our already tenacious state of minds.  You can knock this family down, make us sick, challenge us in any way imaginable, but our love, our bond, is eternal, unalterable, and unyielding.  Strength and love are juxtaposed in this house and will remain so.

Alyssa and Macey showing their matching diamond heart pendants

Camden giving Macey a big hug

Kylah wheeling Macey to the exit of McDay Dee

Mom, Dad, Kylah and nurse Karen, escorting Macey out

All the girls last night
Left to Right: Erica, Alyssa, Macey, Maranda, Kylah.

Alyssa and Camden showing Macey some love.

Camden proposing to Alyssa.

The newly engaged couple with Mom and Dad

Camden and Alyssa slow dancing.

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