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Thank you all for visiting Macey's blog. This page is intended to give family and friends the latest updates on Macey. We look forward to everyone's comments and support and also your patience as we will add any updates as we receive them and are able to post them. There has been an overwhelming amount of support and love for Macey and we want all of you to know that we love you too and are thankful to have such great family and friends. Please keep all comments positive and know that our "Miracle Moo" has only one acceptable outcome. Complete and full recovery. Our family will accept nothing less. There will be t-shirts, window stickers and other items available to help support Macey's road to wellness. These items ARE NOT for profit. Only to show the love and support that Macey needs. Thank you all!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Two of Chemo and Radiation

Well our Miracle Moo is churning right along with her treatments.  Don't know if it's coincidental but when Macey woke up this morning I asked her if her leg was still sore from sleeping on the couch and she answered me immediately, clearly, articulately, and very concisely.  I stood there shocked for a moment and said "you just spoke to me without thinking and had no issues whatsoever articulating yourself to me".  Macey too said  "wow I guess I did".  So we're thinking that maybe the treatments are starting to do some positive things for her.  Don't get me wrong, Macey can talk and have conversation but she gets frustrated at times and has to stop herself once in awhile and concentrate to get the words out.  Today as well she seems to be doing much better having conversation.  The Dilantin that she takes for seizures we believe is causing issues with rashes and it's frustrating her.  We're hoping her body will adjust to these new meds and start having little or no reaction from taking them. 

Her second treatment was much faster and me (her Dad), Maranda (her twin), Kylah (the youngest) got to see Macey go through the entire treatment via a computer monitor.  This machine that is treating her is about as high tech as it gets.  The operator told us the machine alone, not counting all of the extra attachments, the table that Macey lays down on, the software, room, etc, costs around 3.2 million.  We could see where the radiation was focused with each scan and how it is attacking the tumor at multiple angles.  She was only on the table today for maybe 10 to 12 minutes.  The staff there is very friendly and very helpful and informative.  They are great about letting us in on what is going on, how everything works and making sure we are thoroughly informed.  So it really creates a comfort for the whole family knowing that Macey is OK along with knowing what the procedure entails. 

During the procedure, the radiation which generates energy, can stimulate the brain causing bizarre effects to the patient such as seeing lights both white and blue as well as triggering smells.  Macey said she could see a blue light followed by a smell of something similar to floor cleaner.  Even though the lights and the smells don't exist, the do to Macey because of the areas of the brain that are being stimulated by the radiation.


  1. Thanks for the up-dates bro! We are so proud of you ALL - you have so much love and such a positive built-in support system for Macey and for each other. You're my heros!! All of you. Love and hugs to you xoxox

  2. Floor cleaner smell may mean you're kicking that tumor's butt! Hang in there Miss Macey! Me and my class follow you daily here. We love you! And Red Bear just sends BEAR HUGS to you all the time! :)

    Bear hug! Bear hug! Bear hug! BEAR HUG! :)

    Mr. Marcin (Fred) and his sixth graders.