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Monday, July 16, 2012

Race to Beat Cancer / Race for Life

Recently, this year to be exact we set our sites on a completly unique way to raise cancer awareness and to help raise money for charities.  When I was overseas we bought our dream car in 2010.  A Camaro SS.  The car was quite the project for me and I had lots of plans for it.  Most of those have been cut short due to having to come home and also changing the focus to my beautiful daugther Macey.  I came up with an idea several months back after spending a night racing at Rocky Mountain Raceway.  Why don't I have my daughters drive the car and do so in support of their sister?  What better way to get the worlds attention than to have two cute girls driving a real nice car at public events?  So I hauled them down to the tracks on a test and tune day.  Basically gives the drivers a chance to tune their cars for racing and test them on the track.  That day, another friend of mine who has a very similar Camaro where trying to run below 13 seconds in the 1/4 mile.  We couldn't quite break into the 12's.  So, I decided to let the girls give it a shot.  Remember, they have never driven in a sanctioned race in their lives.  So we flipped a coin and Maranda got to go first.  She stages, waits for the lights, gets the green and away she goes.  When she gets to the end of the track she clocked a 12.7!  WOW!  We were all blown away!  So immediately I'm thinking, these girls are naturals.  After that it was Alyssa's turn.  My friend who was also struggling to get into the 12's decided he would race against Alyssa.  I told him they aren't timid and they are fearless.  So Alyssa and my friend line up.  They get the green light and both take off.  Guess who wins?  Yep, Alyssa.  So to make a long story short, two girls, one day, and they made all of us guys look bad.  But for me, it felt fantastic seeing my girls do so well.  At that moment I knew this would be a great way to spread the word.  So we have been putting together a promo for local events, trying to find sponsors, and see how far we can ride this wave of public awareness.  We plan on doing some fun drives for charities with proceeds going to places like the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the National Cancer Society.  Most importantly, we are doing something as a family, for a good cause, and hoping to bring an end to such a miserable and dreaded disease. 

Come out sometime to Rocky Mountain Raceway and support our girls while they "Race to beat Cancer" or "Race for life" (can't decide which one sounds better).  The races are  usually every other Friday.  You can log onto RMR's website and click on schedule.  It's the Street legal series and the midnight drags.  Since the girls drive so fast they were put into the Pro Street category.  Imagine that.

Alyssa and Maranda Promo Shot

 Another promo shot of the girls and the car

Maranda's first run at RMR

Alyssa's first Run at RMR

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