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Thank you all for visiting Macey's blog. This page is intended to give family and friends the latest updates on Macey. We look forward to everyone's comments and support and also your patience as we will add any updates as we receive them and are able to post them. There has been an overwhelming amount of support and love for Macey and we want all of you to know that we love you too and are thankful to have such great family and friends. Please keep all comments positive and know that our "Miracle Moo" has only one acceptable outcome. Complete and full recovery. Our family will accept nothing less. There will be t-shirts, window stickers and other items available to help support Macey's road to wellness. These items ARE NOT for profit. Only to show the love and support that Macey needs. Thank you all!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rough Road Ahead

So as some of you have watched on Facebook, Macey started a series of treatments with an intravenous drug called Avastin. This is supposed to help her overall and now it's really needed. Macey has become so weak and can hardly sit upright now and has a hard time eating, swallowing and talking. The latest MRI shows lots of changes but they are unsure if it's from the radiation or from new tumor growth. The doctors said nothing too alarming because if it's tumors, they don't look very big? What? We know from the past scans that if Macey has any tumor growth that these SOB's are aggressive. They grow very fast and we are hoping this is not the case. Most of the problems now are centered around the base of her brain and some of them track down the neuro-fibers that go down towards the base of her brain. Worse is they interfere with her motor functions and you can see the changes in her. Dramatic changes. Changes that worry us sick and have left us all with a feeling of discontent and uneasiness.

 If you have been praying for Macey we appreciate it but also want to tell everyone to increase their prayers and hopes for her. She is not doing well and you can see it in her physically and emotionally. My family is having such a hard time dealing with all of this but most importantly, Macey, our beautiful daughter is the one trapped in this seemingly winless battle with a disease that is unrelenting.

 My Sister flew in again to see Macey this week and if we can work anyone in interested, you should come see her. Please be patient though as Macey's condition, and our moods change by the hour and there are some days when we just don't have the ability to be social and have company. We do want you all to see her though.

 These treatments are really the last hope for our daughter. If she doesn't respond, the scenario is grim. We've never been negative about her situation and will to fight and live, but this thing doesn't play fair. Her chances with this Avastin are about 50/50. The Docs don't know for sure, and no one knows the prognosis or the outcome, other than it being critical and leaning towards the "not good" side of things. We will continue to stay strong, help Macey fight and most importantly try and keep her happy and strong in what quality of life she has left.

 We all love you Macey and we will rally around you sweetie. We will work ourselves to death trying to keep you comfortable and happy. No matter what, in this life or the next, our love for you will be unyielding and forever ubiquitous. It's hard for you to read, or talk right now, but writing it, I know somehow, some way you'll see it and understand.

 Thank you everyone for your continued support and efforts.

 All our love, the Steckelberg's.


  1. Our hearts and thoughts are with all of you.

    With our love,

    Fred & Melissa

  2. Can I please come see her.. I've been trying for weeks, I don't know how to get a hold of anyone. But if someone. Oils call or text me I'd Much appreciate it. I love you miss Macey, you are so strong, amazing, and stunninglly beautiful. I pray for you every single day, you are 100% always in my thoughts. There is no one in the world like you, you always no how to make someone smile. Baylee M. And shayla w. Would also lovee to see you. We talk about you a lot. You're a fighter love! Keep fighting!!


    -Alex Fernandez.