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Friday, November 11, 2011

How we survive

Any time you are faced with uncertainty, or life presents one or several of its many challenges, taking control of how they affect your life is key in emotional well-being and survival.  Controlling your own mind, using the power of positive thinking, and projecting the desired outcome before it happens, must be at the forefront of your mental paradigm.

You learn quickly, and I would assume it's chalked up to the instinctual human ability to survive and thrive, to find ways to adapt, adjust, and process in alternate ways when you have life changing events.  It's so critical when you need to focus and as a Father who is looked up to for day to day support and encouragement I find myself re-training my thoughts and processes to eliminate the negative things that can consume and control me.  So the other day while sitting idle, the words in the paragraph above just hit me.  I use them to keep me strong, to help my family and particularly my daughter Macey.  When you can create a phrase of exacting words or a mantra if you will, it's easier to reflect back on those words in times of weakness, negativity and sadness.  I feel like such a psychological neophyte sometimes, wishing I could grasp the true, untapped power of the human mind.  It would probably be much easier to deal with tragedy, struggle, and life's unfair challenges.  But, until we discover those resources, we find other ways to cope.

That's a lot to swallow, but it's how I deal with the trials Macey and my entire family have gone through.  We all have our own personal way of playing the hand we are dealt in life.  This is mine.     

So, this being said, I leave you with a message to my daughter that simply says, "Stay strong sweetheart, your Daddy loves you and will always be by your side".


  1. Kenny, just so you know:

    I think your grasp and power of psychological metacognition and personal introspection is far more powerful than you seem to know. You're a great musician, which makes you very densely aware of the power of the real-time operations of the human mind. And your a great father, which makes you very densely aware of the power of the real-time operations of the human heart. You're as complete a package as there can possible come.

    There's always work to do on oneself. But give yourself your due credit. You're awesome. All one has to do is take one look at your fantastic family and one can see it.


  2. Fred,

    you are a gentleman and the most genuine and compassionate friend anyone could ever ask for. It's friends like you that really keep my head in the game. The things you say give me hope and make me realize I'm not in this thing alone. Thank you for being the dearest friend I have ever known. Macey and Maranda read your post too and they said Fred is so sweet. :) Thanks for always taking the time to post Fred. Enjoy your upcomming weekend. And for God sakes, you and I need to hang soon.

    All our love,

    Ken, Macey and Family.

  3. Thanks Kenny! Yah, WE NEED TO HANG. Call me when you come to town. I fix you dinner!